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Yankees Abroad - Brian, Philippines (formerly Reach the Poor)
A Year in the Life of a Priest - Frs. Will Ganci, Paul Lambert, and Bob Johnson, Florida
A Year of Prayer: 365 Rosaries - Jacob
Yearning for Plenitude - Scott Johnston, Pennsylvania
Yellow Blog Journalism - Tim Mason (formerly Biblical Babylon)
The Yeoman Farmer - Christopher Blunt, Illinois
Yes, I'm Catholic - Janet Meyer, Wisconsin
The Yoke of Christ - Br. Francis de Sales Wagner, OSB, Indiana
You: A Prayerful Conversation is now CowPi Journal 02/06/10
Young Adult Catholics - Group
Young Fogeys - Fr. Jay Toborowsky, New Jersey
Your Daily Tripod - The Lighthouse Keeper, Virginia
Your Family Spiritual Connection - Jesse

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