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La Bella Vita! Bella's Beautiful Life - Bella Vita
L.A. Catholic - Quintero, California
La Dolce Vita - Bia, Georgia
La Nouvelle Théologie - David Jones, Missouri
La Paz de Susan - Susan Dewitt, CSJP, Washington
La Salette Journey - Paul Melanson, New Hampshire
La Vie Catholique - The Catholic Life - Stephanie, Texas
Lacrimarum Valle - Matthew Doyle
The Lady in the Pew - Kelly Clark, Massachusetts
The Lair of the Catholic Caveman - Group
Lamb of God - Richard Lamb, Florida
Lamp upon Our Feet - Dale Bascon, Philippines
Laodicea - Group, Scotland
Last Things First - Jenna
Last Welsh Martyr - Breadgirl, Wales
Late Papers - Frederick P. Kaffenberger
The Latin Mass Society RC Diocese of Middlesbrough - Group
Laudate Dominum - Boomboom, Philippines
Laudator Temporis Acti - Michael Gilleland, Minnesota
Laudem Gloriae - Christine
Laus Crucis - Fr. Paul Francis Spencer, CP, Scotland
Lay Mystagogues - Jack and Andy
Lead, Kindly Light - James Arrington, Texas (formerly Deep in History)
Learning the Faith - Carlus Henry, Michigan
Learning to Be Like Mary, Unscripted - Diana, North Carolina
Learning to be Quick to Listen - Quick Listener, Louisiana
Leave the Lights On - Ginkgo100
Leon J. Podles :: Dialogue - Leon J. Podles
Leo's Life - Sr. Leocadia, UK
Les Femmes - The Truth - Mary Ann Kreitzer, Virginia
L'Espresso Blog - Sandro Magister, Italy
Less Darkness, More Candle! - Lightborrower
Let Christ Be Formed in Me! - Postulants, Missouri
Let Us Begin Again - TJPFM, Italy
Let's Get It Right - Carlos Echevarria, Florida
Lex Communis - Peter Sean Bradley, California
Lex Orandi - JonoShea1, Florida
Libera Me - Dominic Mary, UK
Life as an OCDS Carmelite - Christina Whale, Pennsylvania
Life at the Convent - Sr. Mary Lou, Minnesota
Life at the Frontier - Joe
Life at the Monastery of St. Gertrude
Life, Faith, Home, School - Laura
Life in Joy Valley - Lori Mercer, Michigan
Life in Kampung Punggol - Group, Singapore
Life in Mazes - Life in Mazes, Louisiana
Life in the Abundant Lane - Miss Meg, Virginia
Life is Beautiful - Shelly, Ohio
Life of a Catholic Librarian - Tiffany, New York
The Life of a New Sister - Sr. Nicole Trahan, Texas
Life on the Home Front - Mrs. Pogle
Life on the (L)edge - Deacon Dean, Louisiana
LIFE Thoughts - Chimakuni
Lifelong Catholic Learning - Department of Education, Diocese of Green Bay, Wisconsin
Life's Crosses - Aloysius Ong, Singapore
Life's Private Book - David T., Massachusetts
Lifting Spirits, One Saint at a Time - Rob Clemenz, Louisiana
Light through Stained-Glass Windows - Susan Doubet, OSB
A Light to the Nations - Carole, Ireland
Lily Maiden - Claire Halibur
The Lion and the Cardinal - Daniel Mitsui
The Lioness
Lisa's Blog - Lisa Hendey, California (formerly Catholic Mom Moments)
Listen! - Bob Metivier
A Little Flower Garden - Elizabeth
Little Portion Hermitage - Friar Rex, Maine
Little Steps Home - Amber
Little Toe in the Tiber - Rachel
The Little Way - Erin, Arkansas
The Little Way - Scott Smith, Louisiana
The Little Wretches - Group (Formerly Wretched Ones)
Live Jesus! - A Visitation Nun, Washington D. C.
Live Thoughtfully - April, Pennsylvania
LiveCatholic - Marcy K.
Livin' la Vida Catolica! - Jen Brannon, Arizona
Living Above the Circumstances of Life - Dom Lawrence, OSB, New Mexico (formerly Tales from the Cenobite)
Living Advent - Living Advent, Washington
Living and Loving Life - JMR
Living Franciscan - Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, Minnesota
Living Gracefully - Chris Faddis
Living in the Shadowlands - Shadowlands, UK
Living in the Two Hearts - Anne Elizabeth
Living Monstrance - Jerome
Living Sacrifice - Fr. Christopher M. Mahar (formerly Fr. Mahar Online)
Living Scripture - Livingscripture
Living the Zeal of Benedict - Marilyn Schauble, OSB, Pennsylvania
Living Water College
Lofted Nest: A Catholic Journey - Group
LOL Saints - Group
A Long Island Catholic - Gen X Revert, New York (Formerly Gen X Revert)
The Long Road to Priesthood - Vito, Michigan
Long-Skirts - Hilary McRee Flanery
Looking at the Birds and Considering the Lilies
Lord, I Believe; Help Thou My Unbelief
Lord, If You Will (Daily) - Fr. Brian
Lord, If You Will (Sundays and Holy Days) - Fr. Brian
Lord, Make Me a Saint - Jamie, Minnesota
Lori's Pilgrimage - Lori, New York
Louange de sa Gloire - OCD Sister
Louie, Louie - Beth
Love is Triune - Lindsey & Andrew St. Hilaire, Washington
Love of St. Paul - Jeff Mathews, Missouri
Love of Your Love - Augustine
Love Poems is now To the Bridegroom of My Soul 01/26/10
Love Remains the Same - Fr. Mark White (formerly Preacher and Big Daddy)
Love Undefiled - Robert Colquhoun, UK
Loved Sinner - Tara, Utah
Lover of Futility - FJM Madden
Loving and Serving... - Frances and David, North Carolina
Loyal Views - CM
Lumineux - Lumineux, New York
Luminousmiseries - Owen Swain, Canada
Lunch Break - John Jansen, Illinois
Lux Aeternitatis - Kaplan, Germany
Lux Vera - Fr. David Thoroughgood, Australia

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