Catholic Blog Directory
Radiate His Light - Group
Rádio América
Raising Angels - Amy Parris, Georgia
Rambles - Jason Signalness, North Dakota
Ramblings of a GOP Soccer Mom - Christine, Virginia
Random Brown - Popo Gamgee, Colorado
Random Jottings - John Weidner, California
Random Thoughts and Musings - Willy J
Rationabile Obsequium - FrB
R.C. Mommy - Amy Giglio, New Jersey
Reach Paradise - Michael
Reaching for Heaven - Genesis Ministries
Reaching Out - Paulist National Catholic Evangelization Association, Washington, DC
Ready, Aye, Ready? - Cin, Canada
Ready with a Reason - DBS, Delaware
Real Catholic Men - The Blog - David Renshaw, Oregon
Real Clear Religion - Genevieve
Real Life - Beverly Larson
Real Life Rosary Weblog - James M. Hahn, Ohio
The Real Presence - Cindy, Minnesota
Reasoning Repaired - Holopupenko, Ukraine
RECONnecting to the TRUTH - Joyful Catholics, Nebraska
The Recovering Dissident Catholic - Cathy of Alex, Minnesota
Recta Ratio - G. Thomas Fitzpatrick, Massachusetts
Recusant's Corner - Andrew, Canada
Redemptorist Preacher - Fr. Jon Hansen, C.Ss.R., Canada
Reditus: A Chronicle of Aesthetic Christianity - Arturo Vasquez, California (formerly The Sarabite: Towards an Aesthetic Christianity)
Redneck Reflections - Ignorant Redneck (formerly Redneck Catholic)
Reflections - Comeasone
Reflections and Ruminations - Fr. Luke Fong, Singapore
Reflections of a Paralytic - Chelsea Zimmerman, Missouri
Reflections of a Secular Franciscan - Brbearsfo
Reflections of an RSCJ - Helen Rosenthal, RSCJ, Florida
Reflections on Faith and Culture - Gil Bailie
The Religion Teacher - A Religion Teacher
Religious Life Rocks! - Sr. Katy, Wisconsin
The Reluctant Traditionalist - David Palm, Wisconsin
Remnant Tasmanian - The Remnant Tasmanian, Australia (formerly Member of a Dying Breed)
Renew the Church Blog
Renungan Dan Inspirasi Harian - Reynaldo Fulgentio Tardelly, S.X., Indonesia
Rerum Novarum - Shawn McElhinney
Return to Rome - Francis Beckwith, Texas
Rev. Fr. Bosco's Space - Fr. Bosco, UK
Revelation Reflection - Dennis Kelly, Washington
Reverenced Reading - Group
Reverend Know-It-All - Fr. Richard Simon, Illinois
Revolution of Love - Bobbi & Brian, California - Fr. Rob Jack, Ohio
Ricardo Sá
Richmond Voices - Standing Maryanna, Virginia
Riding the Elevator - Lauren A. Rupar, North Carolina
Rifugio San Gaspare - Fr. Jeffrey Keyes C.PP.S., California (Formerly The New Gasparian)
Right Theory, Wrong Universe - Lord Wotziznutz
El Rincón de Yanka - Juan Carlos, Spain
Rise of the TOB - Group
Road Beyond 50 - KAM
The Road to Kingdom Come
The Road Well Traveled - Bekah
Roamin' Catholic - Joanna, Illinois
Robert Galea - Robert Galea, Malta
Robert Hutchinson - Robert Hutchinson
The Rockin' Traddy - The Rockin' Traddy, Pennsylvania
Roman Catholic Blog - Maximus, California
Roman Catholic Cop - Jamie, Missouri
Roman Catholic Heroes - Dolorosa
Roman Catholic Homilies - Fr. Larry
Roman Catholic Identity - JJD
Roman Catholic Info - Raphael's Helper
Roman Catholic Vocations - Brad Watkins, North Carolina
The Roman Catholic World - Marielena Montessino de Stuart
Roman Christendom - Tribunus
Romanian Greek-Catholic Association
Rome is Where the Heart Is - Michael Samson
Rome of the West - Mark Scott Abeln, Missouri
Romish Internet Graffiti (formerly Cordelia's Shoes) - Scott W.
Romish Popery - James Garrison
Ron Rolheiser, OMI - Ron Rolheiser, OMI, Texas
Room with a View - Doug Martin
Rorate Caeli - Group
Rosaries for Life - Group
Rosary Priest - Fr. Gabriel Harty, OP, Ireland
A Rose in Bloom - Lady Rose (formerly Lady of the Rose)
Rosemary Sauce - Kate Sherwin
RosemaryDRE - RosemaryDRE, New York
Rosetta Stone - Michelle, Kansas
Roy Petitfils - Roy Petitfils
Ruah Arts Group
Rubrics and Ritual - Ritualist
Running Catholic - Chris & Tim
Running to Paradise - Mandrivnyk, Canada
Running Towards Him - K, Texas (formerly Cirque de Moi)
Running with Perseverance - Andrea
Runs with Angels...Lives with Saints - Runswithangels, Utah
Ruri et Orbi
Rx for the Soul - Connie Perez

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