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Faciamus! - Bro Robin
Factum Non Iustus Lacuna (formerly The Word of God is Alive)
Faith and Country - CatholicAndGOP
Faith & Family - Group
Faith and the Muse - Melissa, New Jersey
Faith Bestowed - Tom
Faith of a Convert - Molly, California
Faith Plus Love - Michael Cox, Missouri
FaithArts - Brendan O'Regan, Ireland
Faithful Catholic Girl - Anna, UK
Faith's Mystery - Faith's Mystery, Utah
Fallacies and Fashions - Ben Anderson
Fallen Sparrow - Fallen Sparrow, New York
Fallible Blogma - Matt Warner (formerly The Cage Door Blog)
Familia Católica - Xhonane, Pennsylvania
Familia Hinckley - Los Hinckleys, Nicaragua
The Family-Centered Life
The Family Denn - Tina D., New York
Family in Feast and Feria - Jennifer G. Miller
Father Anthony Ho - Fr. Anthony Ho, Canada
Father Bill Dinga's Blog - Father Bill Dinga
Father Bob's Reflections - Fr. Bob
Father Corcoran's Catholic Overview - Fr. Corcoran, Texas
Father Dennis - Fr. Dennis, Iowa
Father Dylan's Sermons - Fr. Dylan James, England
Father Jim Chern's Blog - Fr. Jim Chern, New Jersey
Father Joe - Fr. Joe, Maryland (formerly Piece of the Puzzle)
Father Mike's Podcast - Fr. Mike Walker, Oregon
Father Ray's 'Other' Corner - Fr. Ray Suriani
Father Sullivan - Fr. Thomas Sullivan, Florida
Father Tom Elliott - Fr. Tom Elliott, Arkansas
Fatherhood and the Father - Tim
Fathers for Good - Brian Caulfield
Fatima Hoje - Marcelo, Brazil
Feminine-Genius - Genevieve Kineke
Ferddie's World - Fernando Mendoza, Philippines
FestungArnulfinger - The Dutchman, Illinois
A Few Simple Words - Fr. Bob, Washington, DC
Fiat Volvntas Tua - Fr. Joe, Philippines
FideCogitActio - Elliot Bougis, Taiwan
Fidele Ecclesia - Nick France, Florida
The Fifth Column - Steve Kellmeyer
Fight the Good Fight of Faith
Fighting Irish Thomas - Tom O'Toole
Finding Joy in Every Journey - Find Joy in Every Journey, Pennsylvania
FindmeInFloridaAgain - Jeanne, Florida
Fioretta is now Fotheringhay 01/23/10
Fire, Salt, and Light - Arthur Joseph, Canada
The Fire Within - Michael and Kristine, Washington
First Comes Love - Amy
First Thoughts - Group
Five Halos - Kristine Hass
Florida Catholic - Group
Flos Carmeli - Steven Riddle, Florida
Flower of Carmel - Tomasz, Poland
A Follower of Francis - Lee Strong
Followers of the Way - Deacon Jacob Maurer
Following the Truth - Catholic Truth Lay Apostolate (formerly The Catholic Truth)
Fonte de Alegria - João Paulo Veloso, Brazil
Fontes Liturgicae - Abbot Cuthbert Peter Johnson, OSB, UK
The Food Which Endures - Pete Caccavari
For His Friends - Bishop Robert Lynch, Florida
For the Greater Glory - Billy Atwell, Virginia
For the Greater Glory - Michael R. Denton, Louisiana
For the Love of Christ
Forest Murmurs - Fr. Michael Brown, UK
Fortuna's Fortune - Fr. Stan Fortuna
Forty Days and a Mule - Diplomatic Questions, Washington, DC
Fotheringhay - Kelly Joyce Neff, California (formerly Fioretta)
Fotos Cofrades - Roberto Villarrica, Spain
Fountain of Elias - Elena Maria Vidal, Pennsylvania
The Four Mass'keteers - Group (formerly The Three Massketeers)
Fr. Bob's Corner - Fr. Bob MacDonald, Canada
Fr. Carmen Mele, Dominican Preacher - Fr. Carmen Mele, Texas
Fr. H. Paul - Fr. H. Paul Kim, Ohio
Fr. Hunwicke's Liturgical Notes - Fr. John Hunwicke, SSC, UK
Fr. JC Maximilian's Homilies & Spiritual Reflections - Fr. JC Maximilian, New Jersey
Fr. Jim's Blog - Fr. James Willard Northrop, Washington (formerly There is an Appointed Time for Everything...)
Fr. Joe Corel's Vocation Blog - Fr. Joe Corel
Fr. Mildew - Fr. Michael Clifton, UK
Fr. Paul Johnson - Fr. Paul Johnson, UK
Fr. Peter's Blog - Fr. Peter Weatherby, UK
Fr. Victor Brown's Catholic Daily Message - Fr. Victor Brown
Fr. West's Catholic Blog - Fr. Peter West, New York
Frabjous Days - Elizabeth, UK
Franciscan Focus - Lisa
Franciscan Footprints - Sr. Veronica
Franciscan Life - Sr. Ann Marie, Pennsylvania
Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity - Group
Frankly, My Dear - Scarlett
Fred's Place - Fr. Ed Burns, Ohio
A Friar Style? - Freddie
A Friar's Life - Fr. Tom Washburn, OFM, Connecticut
Friends with Christ - Fr. Richard Aladics & Fr. Julian Green, UK
A Frog's Life
From Across the Net - Ellen, New Jersey
From Atheism to Catholicism - Fredric
From Burke to Kirk and Beyond... - Tertium Quid
From Marbury's Hilltop - St. Jude Monastery, Alabama
From St. Anthony's Walnut Tree - Jonathan Jones, SFO, Massachusetts
From the Field of Blue Children - Cathy Adamkiewicz, Michigan
From the Ghetto
From the Heart - Maggie, Missouri
From the Pews in the Back
From the Rustic Home - Grace Marie, New York
From the Shattered Drum - Keith Sktrohm, Illinois
From Where I Write - Lisa
Fructus Ventris - Alicia
Frugal Catholic Mommy
A Fruitful Vine - Krissy A., Wisconsin
Full Circle - Louisiana
Fumare - Group
Fumbling Toward Grace - Spilsz08
Future Priests of the Third Millennium - Group - C.F. Mathews

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