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A Casa de Sarto - Rafael Castela Santos
Abba's Little Girl - Patty Bonds, Arizona
Abbey of Saint Walburga - Abbey of St. Walburga, Colorado
Abbey Roads - Terry Nelson, Minnesota
Abbey's Road - Abbey, Alabama
Abbot Cuthbert Johnson - Abbot Cuthbert Peter Johnson, OSB, UK
Abide with Us - Melissa, New Jersey
Abigail - Source of Joy - Abigail Caperton
Absolutely No Spin - Matt, Pennsylvania
The Absurdistan Post - Steven P. Barrett, Massachusetts
Abyssus Abyssum Invocat - Bishop Rene Henry Gracida, Texas
The Accidental Blog - RJW, Utah
Acta Sanctorum - Jody Lamar Finklea, Florida Blog - APWeb
Acts of the Apostasy - LarryD, Michigan
Ad Altare Dei - Alan Phipps, California
Ad Dominum - Thom, Ohio
Ad Jesu Par Mariam - Thomas Shawn, Massachusetts
Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam - LRS, Missouri
Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam - MJ
Ad Tiliam - Ulrich Terlinden
Adam's Ale - Fr. Valencheck, Ohio
Adjutorium Nostrum +++ In Nomine Domini - John Bowden
Adoro Te Devote - Adoro Te Devote
Adrienne's Armoire - Adrienne
Adrienne's Catholic Corner - Adrienne, Idaho
Advancing Catholic Parishes and Schools - Jim Friend, Pennsylvania
The Adventures of a CUA Student - CUAGuy
After Abortion - Emily, Annie
Against All Heresies - Mary Alexander, Massachusetts
Against the Grain - Christopher Blosser, New York
Aggie Catholics - Marcel & Sara, Texas
Air Maria - Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, Connecticut
Albanarius - Albanarius, Florida
Albany Catholic - Albany Catholic
The Alexandrian Blog - Group
Aliens in This World - Banshee
Alimento del Alma - Fr. Nelson Medina, Colombia (formerly Diario de Fray Nelson M.)
Alive and Young - Paul Cat, Delaware
All Manner of Thing - Craig Burrell, Canada
All Our Needs Are Special - Carolyn M
All the Little Epsilons - Epsilon
All the Way Home - NanaR
All Things Catholic - John Allen
All This and Heaven - Neen, Texas
All You Who Hope - Allyouwhohope, Virginia
Almost There - Stacey
Always Distinguish(ed) - Br. Thomas, OP
Always Jason - Jason, Colorado
...Always Room for One More! - Michelle Marciniak, New York
An Ambassador for Christ - Br. Christopher Gaffrey, Italy (formerly Penses and Prayers of Br. Chris)
Ambrose-a-rama - Jen Ambrose
American Catholic - Group
American Papist - Thomas
Among Women [Podcast] - Pat Gohn
Amy Hereford, CSJ - Amy Hereford, CSJ, Belgium
An Fhocal Beag's Blog - Peadarban, New Hampshire
Ana Braga-Henebry's Journal - Ana Braga-Henebry, South Dakota
Anamchara - Msgr. Eric R. Barr, Illinois
The Anchoress - TheAnchoress
And All These Things - Group
...And Not by Sight - Charlotte
And Sometimes Tea - Red Cardigan
And Then I Found This - Fr. Phil Smith, Canada
...and These Thy Gifts - Stef
And Whither Then? I Cannot Say - Matthew Spotts, nSJ, Michigan
Andrew Cusack - Andrew Cusack, New York-Scotland
Andrew's Roman Catholic Blog - Andrew O'Brien, UK
Angels, Wonders, and Miracles of Faith - Loci B. Lenar, New Jersey
Anna Arco's Diary
+ Annunciations of a New Springtime - Michael Dubruiel, Indiana +
Another Day...At the Edge of the Forest - Kathy
Another Espresso Please - Coffeemom
The Anti-Modernist - Louis Figueroa, Singapore
Apologetica Universal - Pelicano, Spain
Apologia - William Luse
Apostle to Suburbia - Leeann, Washington
Apostles & Markets - Stephen J. Haessler
The Apostolate of Hannah's Tears
Apostolate of Roman Catholic Homeschoolers - Group
Apostolate of the Laity - Daniel, UK
The Apostolate of the Laity - David Jackson, Oregon
Aqui Estamos - Juan Ignacio, Argentina
The Archangel's Pulpit - Michael Richer, California
Archdiocese of Toronto Blog - Group, Canada
An Archdiocese of Wash DC Catholic - A WashingtonDC Catholic, Maryland
Archdiocese of Washington - Group
Are We There Yet? - Lisa, Colorado
Argent by the Tiber - Argent, North Carolina
The Ark and the Dove - Group, Maryland (formerly Catholicae Testudines)
Army of Martyrs - Tim A. Troutman (formerly TheGodFearinForum)
Art & Faith - Deacon Lawrence Klimecki, California
Artful Frog - Sarah Peel
Articuli Fidei - David Waltz, Washington
As an Oblate - Diva Sings, New Jersey
As Many as We're Given - Nicole, Texas
As Sparks Fly Upward - Makemeaspark, Michigan
Ask Sister Mary Martha - Sister Mary Martha, California
Assenting Catholic - Gerald Lamb, Florida
Assistant Potter - Assistant Potter
Asymmetric - Nelson Guirado
At Home - Anna Elissa, Indonesia
At Home in my Father's House - Kate, UK
Athanasius Contra Mundum - Athanasius
AtonementOnline - Fr. Christopher G. Phillips, Texas
Audio Sancto [Podcast]
Aufer A Nobis - Viator Catholicus
Aun Estamos Vivo - Jeff, Massachusetts
Auntie Joanna Writes - Joanna Bogle, UK
Aussie Coffee Shop - Therese, Australia
The Authentic Update - Chironomo
Awaiting (and Expecting) in Joyful Hope - FloridaWife, Florida

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