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Baby Catholic - Jennsings
Back Bay View - Emily J., Mississippi
Bahama Catholic -Kevan Knowles (formerly Catholicism in the Bahamas)
Bangor to Bobbio - Fr. Seán Coyle, Philippines
Banker på Pavens port - Inventus, Norway
The Banks of Erne
Bara Brith - Leutgeb, UK
Bartimaeus' Quiet Place - Bartimeus
Bashing Secularism - Richard Marsden, UK
Battlements of Rubies - Clare, UK
Bay Area Catholic - Gregory Thaumaturgas, California
BayaThread - Baya Clare, CSJ, Minnesota
Be Not Afraid - Nancy, Florida
Be Not Idle - Jean
Be Thou My Vision - Matt
Bear Witness to the Light - Fr. John L., Massachusetts
Bearing Blog
Beatus Vir - Dan Woodring
Beautiful Chaos - Lerin, Texas
Beautiful Day - Beth, Indiana (formerly Pack Family)
The Beautiful Gate - Mary333, New Hampshire
Become What You Are - Becomewhatyouare
Becoming a Different Person - Kcmarie122
Bedlam or Parnassus - Magister Christianus, Indiana
Beginning to Pray - Anthony Lilles, Colorado
Behold Your Mother - Group
Being Frank - Group, New Zealand
Being is Good - Deacon Dana, Florida
Being Mom - A Catholic Mother, New York
Belinda's Brain
Bending the Twigs - Crimson Wife, California
The Benedict Notes - Annie, California
Benedictine Oblates Blog - Oblates of St. Mary's Monastery, Illinois
Benedictus Deus - Tony
Benmakesten - Judy
Berkshire Cottage - Sue, Massachusetts
Best Catholic Books - Sr. Julia, Louisiana
Bethune Catholic - JCurley, South Carolina - Domenico Bettinelli, Massachusetts
Betty Beguiles - Betty Beguiles
Betty Duffy - Betty Duffy, Indiana
Between the 'Burgh and the City - Paul Snatchko, Pennsylvania (formerly Paul Snatchko)
Bevansinc - Bevansinc, UK
Beyond Brussels - Paul, Belgium
Biblical Evidence for Catholicism - David Armstrong (formerly Cor ad cor loquitur)
Biblioteca del Seminario Vescovile di Cremona
Big Blue Wave - Suzanne, Canada
Big C Catholics
Bishop William Lori's Blog - Bishop William Lori, Connecticut
A Bit of the Blarney - GrandmaK, Indiana
The Black Biretta - Padre Giovanni, Pennsylvania
Black Catholics, Black Saints
The Black Cordelias - Group
Blah Blah Blah Blog - We the People
Blessed by God - Amy Ekblad
Blessed is the Kingdom - Fr. Christian Mathis, Tennessee
Blessed Virgin Mary's Bower - Virtuoso, UK
Blessed with Full Hands - Katie
Blessings for the Day - Karinann, New Jersey
Blest Atheist - Elizabeth Mahlou, California
Blog by-the-Sea - Teresa Polk, California
Le Blog de la Bergerie - Michele, California
Blog do Padre Luizinho - Fr. Luizinho, Brazil
Blog do Padre Roger Luis - Fr. Roger Luis, Brazil
Blog of Fr. Peter Leung - Fr. Peter Leung
The Blog of the Courtier - William Newton, Washington, DC
Blog of the Dormition - John R.P. Russell
The Blog That's All about RCIA - Association for Catechumenal Ministry
Bloggin' Friar at - Friar Matt
Blogging Aquinas - Will Duquette
The Blogging Brother - Br. Ray Dwyer, Ireland - The Catholic Sun, Arizona
The Blood of the Martyrs - Stephen McElligott, Ireland
The Blue Boar - Sean P. Dailey, Illinois
Bob and Penny Lord's Blog - Bob and Penny Lord, Arkansas
Bonfire of the Vanities - Fr. Martin Fox, Ohio
Bonus Te Esse - Daniel & Rachel
A Book of Everything - Brian
Book Reviews and More - Steven R. McEvoy, Canada
Book Smart - Tess
Bottom Line Up Front - Amy Proctor, New Jersey (formerly Amy Proctor)
The Bovina Bloviator - The Bovina Bloviator, New York
Bowl of Soul - Miriam, UK
Br. Michael-Godfrey's Prayer - Br. Michael-Godfrey
Bread Alive - Michael
Bread from Heaven Unlimited - BFHU
Breaking the Word - Fr. Chris, Singapore
Breathing with Both Lungs - Fr. Tom Forde, OFMCap, Ireland
Breviarium Romanum - MCITL, Washington, DC
The Bridge - Fr. Frank Majka, SJ, Wisconsin
Bridges and Tangents - Stephen Wang
Bro Jer's Blog - Bro Jer
A Broken Fortress - Allison, Wisconsin
Brooke Taylor - Brooke Taylor, Ohio
Brooklyn Born Believer - N.J. Azzaro, New York
Brother Burke - Brother Burke, Alabama
Bryan Murdaugh - Bryan Murdaugh, South Carolina
Buffalo Catholic - Buffalo Catholic, New York
Building Cathedrals - Group
Building the Ark - patjrsmom, Illinois
Building the City of God - Derek Rotty, Tennessee
Bukas Palad - Adrian Danker, SJ, Philippines
Burgundy Pilgrim - Francoise Jeanne (formerly A Journey Home)
By Catholics
By Sun and Candlelight - DRH
By the Brook - KitBrookside, New York
The Byzantine Dominican - Louis Pizzuti, New York
Byzantine Ramblings - The Byzantine Rambler
Byzantine, Tx - Josephus Flavius, Texas

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